1 - First Things First

After I receive a contact form I follow up to set a time to chat. Once we connect on the phone, we go over your vision, needs, and timeline to see if we would be a good match. If we are fit, I’ll put together project terms and set up file sharing for all project assets. We’ll establish a project timeline and get started!

2 - Project Vision: Design and Content Prep

At this point you begin to assemble all project assets (imagery, website copy) and place them in our joint file sharing drive. From your vision, goals, and target demographic, we work together to assemble a “project palette.” This will be made up of any websites, colors, type and images that align with your message and brand.

3 - Prototyping and Design

After going over our “project palette,” website copy and imagery I will begin to prototype website flow. I will wireframe site pages and add imagery and copy as I receive them. Once complete, I will share these rough drafts and we’ll work together to adjust and revise.

4 - Revisions and Launch

After prototype revisions have been made, I will put everything into action. I will retouch and edit site designs as needed and we do a final review. I will walk you through how to manage your site on the backend and once you feel 100% comfortable and confident I transfer all site assets and title to you and we officially launch your site!

5 - Subscriptions services and future needs

Once your site has been transferred, I can continue to provide support as needed. The most cost effective option is to choose a subscription plan. Of course, I’m also happy to discuss any future one-off projects you may have.